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Production Technologies

I nostri stampi sono realizzati con l'ausilio di tecnologie innovative, e materiali di prima di qualità, siamo tra i produttori mondiali di stampi con maggiore esperienza e siamo in grado di produrre prodotti con una durata particolarmente lunga.

STS 8000

This is our MEDIA range

Suitable for applications where you want a tenacious resistance to wear and a high degree of elasticity, hardness type of 500HB. This type of steel, thanks to the presence of VERY HARD MICROCARBURI has the ability to "harden" during exercise.



This is our medium/HIGH range

Suitable to build molds where is required superior wear resistance and with special mechanical workings. This type of steel is already rich in carbon and manganese with a hardening process made of latest generation furnaces in a CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE can reach a surface hardness of 64HRc to a depth of 15/10.



The top of our range

This is the evolution of CARBOCEM64 with upper features. The original steel as well as the highest percentage of carbon and MANGANESE it contains chromium, also thanks to the HARDENING phase in controlled atmosphere furnaces to increase the percentage of the latter until the one you want by getting a hardness up to 67HRc and a depth of 20/10.



3Dimensions paving mold

This is the perfect combination of wear RESISTANCE SENSOR and perfection. SUITABLE to build molds for SELF-LOCKING PAVE where precision is essential. Today we get a 0.2 mm tolerance on every detail.

Nitrur 900


This is an application where converge all factors of production:

TENACITY all wear, ELASTICITY and WORKABILITY for machining parts, used mainly on molds for curb stones. The point of departure and a rich ALTAORESTENZIALE of steel Hard carbides which PROCEEDS to a special heat treatment until a surface hardness of 850HB and a maximum thickness of 03/10.



This is our flagship.

It’s an application that allows us to MAKE up our entire range a SURFACE LAYER of tungsten CARBIDES with high resistance (less only to Diamond). This allows us to FURTHER INCREASE the surface hardness where you encounter abnormal wear differences on a mold. Such as is done on producing plants with metal molding table.