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We offer Endless variety of molds for any customer. We manufacture molds and we offer a wide variety of fully reproducible forms in concrete blocks. Our molds are made with the help of innovative technologies, and quality materials, we are among the manufacturers of molds with more experience and we are able to produce products with a particularly long lifetime.

Block molds

Molds for the production of blocks and concrete masonry elements of any shape and material as: simple blocks of concrete, idrofugati split face blocks, face view block, expanded clay blocks. Molds are infinite hardness and reliability over time, thanks to the use of high-grade materials and technologies used during the manufacturing of the molds.

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Molds for curb stones

Molds for the production of hollow and filled curbs, of any shape or size as linear, curved kerbs curbs, sidewalks and roundabouts, etc. .., our molds guarantee a resistance to shock and highly abrasion and perfect dimensional accuracy in the mold cavity.

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Molds for pavers

Molds for the production of pavè new shapes and surface finishes. Molds made of steel with a strong hardening in the surfaces subjected to more work to ensure a homogeneous over time, wear a high durability and precision of the cut.

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Molds for grating

Molds for the production of gratings escarpments, parking and drainage areas, mostly made of honeycomb with the use of heat-treated steels high hardness. Grating floorings grass represent an ecological system and proven to create large areas of green.

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Special molds

Special molds, are mostly custom-made products for our customers, responding to custom and diversified needs, maintaining high standards of quality and resistance to wear over time. A safe, finished, original, able to give the best of themselves in each application context.

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